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A typical day at the Kindergarten Les Bambins

First of all, there is the reception for the children (weather permitting), which serves as an important moment during which the children arrive gradually while waiting for attendance to be taken before beginning any activities.

Then, throughout the day, the children are placed in various activities aimed at specific learning goals in various fields through games.

All of these activities promote language learning. The progression of these activities is conceived and organized throughout the entire preschool cycle.
Children will be in small groups for an activity called “workshop.”
The teacher also forms the group (i.e., class) called “grouping.”

This is an opportunity to present preschool activities, formulate instructions, take stock of what has been achieved, and to comment, identify, and explain the errors or difficulties encountered.

The children express themselves in front of their peers, discover the rules of group communication (e.g., let a classmate express themselves, wait for your turn to speak, etc.). It is often during these groupings that the teacher tells or reads a story and organizes exchanges to ensure that the children have understood the meaning, as well as discover the main characters, title of the book, and, of course, other aspects.

Let’s not forget recreational activities, twice per day, in the morning and afternoon. This is also an important moment because it allows our young children to play with each other while respecting the rules in order to avoid small accidents.

Napping is just as important, especially for toddlers and toddlers, as it is a necessary time to recover and rest.

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We hope that we have brought you some details about a typical day in kindergarten Les BAMBINS !