Who are we?

A kindergarten, a small family business run by Ms. Bonnet Odette for the past 17 years, where quality teaching, hygiene and safety of children is top priority. Along with an experienced teaching team in the field of infancy. Teachers are trained throughout the year through innovative educational activities which are in keeping with the child’s age, in different divisions:

  • Toddlers (10 months / 24 months)
  • Little ones (3 years old)
  • Middle school (4 years)
  • Major(5 years)

The main areas of learning :


  • Languages: French – Arabic – English
  • Mathematics
  • Writing/Graphics
  • Visual arts
  • Reading

Child’s development :

  • Live together
  • Theater
  • Computer science
  • Music


We welcome children of all nationalities without distinction from 12 months to 6 years old.